Taylor Quitara

May 9, 2023

Taylor is wearing the Jackie Dress and the Davie Dress.

Artist Taylor Quitara shows us around her art studio, and shares with us her inspiration pulled from her French heritage and current reality living in Brooklyn.

Who are the women who inspire you?

My first art teacher. I cannot even begin to describe the impact she had on my creativity as a young little sponge; she gave me all the tools I needed, never ever questioned my ideas and I think that instilled a lot of confidence in my choices as a child. Adults LOVE to critique and criticize because they feel like they have the right too since they have lived life? I don't know but too much of that squashes the magic.

If you were a color, what color would you be and why?

My upcoming body of work is all about love and the complications throughout my life so far that have caused it to break, be put back together, replaced, and ultimately heal. I always incorporate hidden symbols and messages in my work that sometimes I share, and sometimes I don't. So if I was a color, it would be silver, which I will be using a lot in my upcoming works... and you will have to come to my next show to find out why!

What is your creative process when it comes to making art?

I have a routine now that works pretty well for me which involves booking out the entire day to create, consuming copious amounts of matcha, and a space that I can make a mess of. I get overstimulated very easily so I prefer to have days of the week that I'm in the studio with no other commitments or work allowed. I listen to a lot of punk rock and alternative music when I paint. Right now "I Like America & America Likes Me" by The 1975 is in rotation.

What has been the proudest moment for you in your art career?

I hosted my first solo show in New York City last summer and after years of work, weeks of planning, and a handful of mental breakdown filled days...it was perfect. The support and love I received was unfathomable to me. Grey Goose sponsored the event and created the most magical cocktail list inspired by individual paintings, complete strangers flew out to come see my show! It transformed my career.

You recently transitioned from a corporate job to content creation, what is your advice to people looking to do the same?

I think everybody craves that individual freedom (I know I did) and it is 1000% possible to become your own boss. However, there is this notion on the internet that makes it seem easy which can be a bit misleading. I can promise you that it takes a long time to start making real money as a content creator...and even longer as an artist. So my advice would be to have a part time job or steady stream of income in the beginning that gives you stability while also the space to create this new future for yourself. It sucks, but once you've put in the time it will be worth every minute.

How would you describe your personal style?

I actually made a video about this on TikTok recently because so many people ask me "What is the name of your aesthetic?" I had such a difficult time answering because it is truly a mashup of so many. So I created my own called "Tokyo Ballerina Rockstar Core".

What is your favorite piece of art, film or book you have seen or read recently?

The first "adult" book I read was Dracula by Bram Stoker when I was seven years old and it scared the crap out of me so it is automatically my favorite. But more recently, I've been obsessed with the surrealist work of Kosuke Ajiro.