SUMMER 2022 Is A Medley of New Mediums But With A Bold and Sharp Artistic View

Summer 2022 was inspired by a trip to visit artist residences in the East End of Long Island. One place of inspiration was the Victor D'Amico Institute of Art-also known as the Art Barge. The home of Victor and his wife Mabel D'Amico captured the experimental nature of the artistic inspiration found there. D'Amico's home is filled with materials gathered from the surrounding shore arranged in unique collections or reimagined into sculptural artforms. Similarly, a visit to Elaine De Kooning's former Springs residence inspired a story of bold art created in natural surroundings. Her home now turned artist residency spurred Tanya's creative development this season.

Inspired by the experimental nature of these artists, Summer 2022 plays with new print techniques, mixing media from spray paint and pencil to warping watercolors. The mood is optimistic, vibrant and sharp. There is a focus on shape and structure in new materials such as crepe, taffeta and compact knitwear. Feathers both accent and bring together color while corded elastic tunnels give texture and depth. Singular oversize curved ruffles and sculptural necklines create a new boldness of silhouette. Clean knits feel graphic with oversized offset placed floral jacquards as swim experiments with sculptural woven fabric combinations and singular brushstroke placement florals.