A dreamer in the Keukenhof Gardens who can’t stand still.

The Spring 2018 collection takes its inspiration from a trip Tanya took to Holland’s tulip festival and a fascination with the collision that exists in nature between graphic geometry and raw natural color.

Florals melt to focus on color and a watery movement. Garden prints are remixed in hyper saturation to reveal an element of surprise. Unexpected citrus, deep sea navy, hot sunset red, aqua blue and washed out army create the palette. Visually rows of technicolor tulips are interpreted in eyelets, grosgrain stripes and shirting that is cut away to reveal petal edges. Stripes feel like brushstrokes, the collection becomes a painting of this wanderer in the Gardens. Shapes call for change- ruching, ties, pleats, cording and tunnels - she has choices and the silhouettes give her freedom. An emphasis on a slim hip in structured poplin that flares at the hem promotes playful movement and utter femininity. Hems are loose and uneven, they listen to the fabrics and fall sheer and effortlessly. She wears multiple scarves tied loosely around her neck secured by a single gold ball. Her earrings move in the wind and she searches for flutter, breeze and lightness. The collection is about renewal, finding harmony and peacefulness. The beauty in bringing about new life and feeling of discovery.