Sam Deitch and Angela Pham

Sep 12, 2019

Sam wears the Raven Dress and Angela wears the Alfonsa Dress and the Leida Coat


Commercial Photographers and Content Creators


S: Simsbury, CT

A: Orange County, CA

What Inspires You?

We're inspired by others, especially females, who choose photography as their career. The path to success isn't necessarily well-defined, so it takes some courage and risk to choose this profession.

Woman You're Inspired By?

The younger generation of women who demand their voices be heard -- through social media activism, by boycotting brands, or contributing time + money towards their causes.

Personal Style?

Bold and Bright

Secret Hobby?

S: Cake & Cookie decorating. My first job was at an ice cream store, and I taught myself how to decorate ice cream cakes with books from the library.

A: Submitting captions to the New Yorker cartoons, and writing Yelp reviews under a pseudonym.

What motivates you when you need an extra push?

We lean on each other when things don't go exactly as planned, and we celebrate successes and milestones together.

How do you and your partner balance each other?

Our shooting styles and demeanors complement each other. Angela is proficient at the "spreadsheet stuff", and Sam is good at always bringing the positivity.

What’s something you wish people knew about you?

We wish more people know about the services we provide! Yes, we're photographers, but we also provide a myriad of other products: production, creative, casting, retouching, video.

How do you feel in Tanya Taylor?

Confident, comfortable, feminine