Pre-Spring 2018

The Inspiration: Diana Ross & Jenny Walton

Liberated. Undone. Spirited. Pre-Spring 2018 is inspired by the imaginary meeting of icon Diana Ross dancing with present day muse Jenny Walton. There is a timeless tailored femininity that they both share a celebration for the art of dressing, a joy of color, movement, ruffles and ties. Proportions of styles have ease and there is a sense of twisting oneself amid a story of stripes and florals. The collection focuses on a fresh color palette of guava, sky blue, lemon, slate navy, and crisp whites. Fabrications include textured stripe silks, crinkle chiffons, embroidered cottons, and casual yarn dyed stripe suiting. There is a greater emphasis on chambrays, denims, and poplin shirting, fabrics borrowed from the boys reimagined with a feminine sensibility.

Embellishments for the season are inspired by late 70’s tarot cards in the form of patches that are hand stitched with shine and metal Zardozi embroidery. Both women tell stories with their clothing, they are collectors and these patches along with color blocked stripe, multi-colored cotton lace embroideries and leather weaving all add depth to the texture of their personalities.