Pre-Fall 2017

The Inspiration: Natural Phenomena

Pre-Fall 2017 is about migration – transitional shapes and high-summer plumage. The Tanya Taylor woman is wearing her second skin, camouflage for her everyday navigation. She lives between art and commerce – from sunset through the thrill of sunrise, she goes anywhere.

Striated, smooth stones, layers of organic color, mountains of pigment. Embroidered leather, supple satin, and sumptuous lightweight knitwear. A thousand flecks of paint form desert blooms. The rainbow stripe on the morning horizon breathes life into tailored shirting, structured crepe and embroidered voile.

Fauna and flora find permanence in their color but touch and taste are fleeting. Pre-Fall is about capturing that essence, mixing tone and texture, playing with contrasts and contradictions; cool shades feel rough and raw, warm hues run fluid and breezy. Our woman is stripping everything down to what she wants in this moment, and what feels good on her skin.