Pre-Spring 2021

The Inspiration: Lee Krasner

Tanya Taylor is inspired by women who color outside of the lines, creating their own narrative and identity. No one more clearly fits that description than artist Lee Krasner. Staying true to herself, Krasner rejected the title of an abstract expressionist, choosing instead to continuously change her style as fluidly as her brush painted the canvas. She was confident in her identity, even throughout periods of evolution, and her work remains easily recognizable, with personality and emotion pouring through each piece.

The Pre-Spring 2020 collection is inspired by Lee Krasner and the image of her working in her studio, her lime green paint splattering on to the tall wheat fields that surround her in The Springs neighborhood outside of East Hampton. The colorful electricity Krasner created within such a neutral prairie environment inspired the balanced color palette of army green and khaki mixing with tangerine, mint, hibiscus and lime. An artist’s hand is seen throughout the collection, with oversized, emotive brushstrokes, painted hyper-florals in bold colors, and hand-beaded graphic embroidery that catches the eye as it twinkles.

The collection offers a sporty sharpness mixed with a soft femininity; a striped poplin baby doll dress is given an oversized portrait collar, a utilitarian artist coverall is reimagined in vibrant floral and color blocked polo knits are tucked into skin grazing bias skirts. A focus on utility and movement shines through in abstract printed seer suckered, billowy jumpsuits and tailored army vests with cargo pocket details. There is an airiness and breeze to the pieces, inciting the wearer to go wherever their imagination may lead them.