Meredith Shaw

Sep 26, 2023

Meredith is wearing the Long Sleeve Blaire Dress, Lexia Knit Sweater, Wren Pant, and Blakely Dress.

Photographer: Erin Leydon

Television and radio personality Meredith Shaw shares with us how she stays confident, and her path to becoming co-host of Canada's #1 morning show, Citytv's Breakfast Television.

You were able to transition from singer-songwriter to a radio and television personality - how were you able to make this career change?

I think when you follow what you love, life tends to unfold around you in a beautiful way. The skills I developed as an artist are surprisingly put to very good use in my broadcasting career. I think for anyone navigating a big change, it's important to remember that often that change isn't happening TO you, it's happening FOR you.

What has been the proudest moment for you in your career?

Joining the #1 Morning Show in the country has definitely been my proudest moment, Breakfast Television is a dream job and I still can't believe it's what I get to do everyday.

Who are the women that inspire you?

That's a long list! My mother is at the top: Marilyn Pilkington - she teaches me by example that you can achieve anything you want if you're willing to work hard at it, be fair to others, and operate with integrity. I have always wanted to be Sarah McLachlan when I grow up ;) her voice changed my life. I had never thought about writing a song before I heard her album Fumbling Towards Ecstacy...then I couldn't stop!

Jann Arden, Sheryl Crow, KD Lang, Natalie Maines, Marilyn Denis, Trinny Woodall, Drew Barrymore, Julia Louis Dreyfus. Women who go for it, who show up, who bring other people along, who make me laugh, who stand up for what they believe in.

Through your promotion of the  body positivity movement, you’ve encouraged  girls and women of all sizes and shapes to feel confident. How are you able to stay confident on days you don’t feel so?

I think my secret there is that I expect those days, so when they come I'm not shocked, I'm right! Confidence is a muscle and like other muscles, it only grows when it tears - so on those days when I don't feel confident I look at them like tears, like opportunities to act as if, to grow. When you make it a daily practice, you'll find that your confidence isn't something to randomly feel, but something to own and call upon in moments when you need it most.

How would you describe your personal style?

Bright, feminine, and fun. I want to dress in a way that creates connection with others because to me, fashion is what you buy and style is access to the possibility of who you are.

If you were a color, what color would you be and why?

I would be my favourite colour, sparkle, because it always brings a smile to peoples' faces and radiates light wherever you are.