Jocelyn Leavitt and Samantha John

Dec 31, 2019

Jocelyn is wearing our Janelle Dress and Samantha is wearing our Jordyn Dress.


J: Co-founder, Hopscotch

S: Co-Founder and CEO, Hopscotch


J: Honolulu, HI

S: Detroit, MI

What inspires you?

J: Smart women getting ish done

S: Kids. I love that they are open to the world and unembarrassed to tell you what they care about.

Women you’re inspired by?

J: My amazing Co-Founder, Samantha

S: Jocelyn! She’s my cofounder and also my life guru.

Personal style?

J: Wash and go

S: Aspirationally, I want to dress like a Japanese architect. In real life, I often fall short of that ideal.

Secret hobby?

J: Real estate

S: Reading children’s books

What motivates you when you need an extra push?

J: Beyonce

S: A run clears my mind and energizes me

How do you and your partner balance each other?

J: She’s the brains, I’m the brawn

S: I’m always trying to push things out the door, while Jocelyn is a perfectionist. Between the two of us we usually end up shipping a product with just the right amount of polish.

What’s something you wish people knew about you?

J: I have three kids!

S: I’m terrible at recognizing faces. I’ll remember your name and everything about you, but still struggle to pick you out of a crowd.

How do you feel about Tanya Taylor?

J: Happy

S: Like a butterfly