Gillian Tozer

Dec 05, 2019

Gillian is wearing the Tabitha Dress.


Cofounder of TRUSS and creative consultant based in New York.

If you were a color what color would you be and why?

Something iridescent and complex ;)

Who is a woman that inspires you?

I find I always come back to Pina Bausch, whether it just be the music she choreographed to or idling scrolling through stills of her performances. Her work holds so much strength. For the lack of better words, it's both bold and beautiful. Also someone who keeps stopping me in my Feed is female photographer Yumna Al Arashi. I first came across her work at a group show in Mexico City in early 2018 and her most recent cover for Mexican Vogue was quite revelatory for such a publication. She covers issues such as human rights, feminism, sexuality, and nature.

What is your favorite piece of art film or book you have seen or read recently?

Following on from the previous question, right now I'm reading Three Women by Lisa Taddeo, which observes female sexuality from three contrasting modern American perspectives. The author followed the subjects of the book for several years, in something they call "immersive journalism." It's deeply nuanced and I really have no idea how she did it. I'm not finished reading it yet though, so don't blame me if it all falls into a heap!

Where would you like to travel to next?

Japan! Gagging to go back! Also doing a quick trip to Saint Marteen for Thanksgiving in the Carribbean, quite excited for that!

What keeps you motivated when you need an extra push?

Getting OUT of my apt (I work from home). Hitting the city to go to a gallery or just to SMH at all the weirdos on the subway. But also, I have a really good group text that I run to whenever I need it. 

How does wearing Tanya Taylor make you feel?

GLAM! This dress I wore for the shoot, wow-ee. It's just begging for a dirty gin martini and who am I to deny her of that?

Outside of this piece, I love TT's obsession with color and pattern. Life's too short to be any one thing so I love being able to play with personas when I dress —TT is great for when I'm feeling playful and femme.