Fall 2016

The Inspiration: Outdoors meets Indoors

Languid, feminine and botanical. Outdoors meets indoors. A girl sits in a treasured room covered in velvet leaves.

She stays in a decadent parlor, covered in foliage, light and shade. Unable to leave, her mind stretches like branches, reaching and twisting. Alone, she is tender and at ease. Pieces drape from her shoulders and velvet drips onto the floor. Flower upon flower, vine-like prints grow outside of their boundaries.

Burgundy, navy and rust eased by berry, fuchsia, blush and teal - rich and deep lightened by a subtle luster. She is layered and pleated, ruched and ruffled, adorned with Swarovski crystal and stones. Crepe and chiffon float through jacquard, corduroy, leather and lace. Light finds dark. Femininity finds structure. She finds balance in her space.

She has become a tapestry of her environment.