Fall 2018 is inspired by the women of the Dada art movement specifically Suzanna Duchamp and Hannah Hoch. In the 1920s and 1930s they communicated themes of liberation and empowerment through photomontage and painting.

The collection establishes feminine in a new language. Unfussy, tailored and spontaneous. Silhouettes are slim in the hip, sleeves are unstructured and rounded, lengths are abbreviated and proportions are refreshed. Waists are softened and ruched. She is dressing with strength and sharpness. Wool plaids, textured houndstooths, menswear suiting and featherweight calfskin bring depth and layers. 

There is a spontaneity to mixing. Polka dots interrupt blank colorblocked florals, and classic plaids are paired with dark ditzy flower buds. Prints focus on an element of surprise. Florals feel like modern camouflage telling a story of electric pink, deep navy and sheer nudes with pops of lemon and orange. 

She is dressed in a stream of consciousness, unabashedly free. She is a fearless challenger of female identity.