Alexa Buckley and Sarah Pierson

Aug 29, 2019

Sarah wears the Leida Coat and Alexa wears the Jayne Knit and Margaux Skirt


Co-Founders of Margaux


S: Winter Park, Florida

A: Wayne, Pennsylvania

What Inspires You?

S: Authentic brands, great products, and the go-getting women who surround us.

A: Our incredibly tight knit team, our growing community of customers, and the excitement and energy of building something.

Woman You're Inspired By?

S: Oprah—who isn't? I recently listened to the inaugural Goop podcast during which Gwyneth Paltrow interviewed Oprah, and it was revelatory. She has this incredible presence and total authenticity—something she credits to the simplest thing: everyday mindfulness. She spoke about how the simplest change—being in the moment both mentally and physically, whether you're walking into a meeting, taking a walk, or catching up with a friend—has made her a better leader, listener, and friend. For our always-on generation, it's so easy to be physically one place and mentally halfway somewhere else. I'm making it a point to practice mindfulness in these everyday moments: Those little expressions add up over time.

A: My mom! She is the strongest person I know. She's taught me the meaning of loyalty, of resilience, and of what it means to light up a room - no matter the audience.

Personal Style?

S: Tailored, feminine, and comfy-but-chic. My closet is a mix of workhorse staples (like a great jean or an easy cashmere sweater) and smart but simple silhouettes—my coat obsession has overtaken my apartment, but this plaid Tanya Taylor wonder was too good to resist! When it comes to my go-to Margaux styles, I keep our Pointe in Rose Nappa, our City Sandal in Saddle, and our Demi in Saddle on constant rotation.

A: Colorful and feminine, anchored by timeless staples and a great pair of ballerinas.

Secret Hobby?

S: If we're talking routines, I love spending a lazy Sunday morning doing the New York Times crossword at the High Line Hotel. Alexa would tell you, though,  my secret hobby is that I know my way around a sailboat—I sailed for Harvard in college, and still love to get out on the water when I can get away from the city.

A: I am dedicated to my weekly submissions to the New Yorker caption contest. Though I have yet to win, I check my mailbox every week with a twinge of "this just might be the..." Alas, I have not yet seen my name in print... so more to come!

What motivates you when you need an extra push?

S: Alex! Truly. We're so lucky to have this amazing partnership, and our friendship has only strengthened with time. I can't say enough how important it is to have someone you wholly trust by your side when you're on this wild, wonderful ride.

A: Am I allowed to copy Sarah? ...Because it's true! It's Sarah. Always. We are riding a wild roller coaster together, and the best part of that roller coaster is having someone next to you (who also happens to be your best friend) to celebrate with during the highs, strategize with during the lows, and occasionally look back together and say... "is this really happening?!"

How do you and your partner balance each other?

S: We're similar in so many ways—so much so that we're often asked if we're sisters. Our personalities and our office interests, though, are marvelously and sometimes surprisingly different. I'm a deep introvert, for one, and parse through my thoughts by writing them down; Alexa, meanwhile, is this magnetic extrovert who can riff indefinitely out loud. In the day to day, I oversee internal operations—from product development to finance—while Alexa sees external operations, including retail and content.

A: Our partnership is incredible. She is the yin to my yang - but at the end of the day, also my very best friend. While I'm energized by big picture strategy and storytelling, she has a relentless attention to detail and ability to create, execute, and see through process like no one I know. We have so much fun together, and I cannot imagine riding this roller coaster with anyone else.

What’s something you wish people knew about you?

S: I'm often mistaken for being a serious person (that's the introvert in me), but I love to laugh—and anyone who can make me laugh.

A: I was terribly shy growing up. Painfully so, actually. So as extroverted as I can be, I still love (and often need) quiet time alone to fully recharge.

How do you feel in Tanya Taylor?

S: Confident, comfortable—and bold! I love how this punchy coat brightens up my fall wardrobe. 

A: Vibrant, comfortable and ready to tackle the day.