Jessica Weiss & Lena Ciardullo

Jessica wears our Leanne Knit and Margeaux Skirt. Lena wears our Ariella Dress. 


J: Jessica Weiss

L: Lena Ciardullo


J: General Manager, Marta, Caffe Marchio & Vini e Fritti

L: Executive Chef Marta, Vini e Fritti, Caffe Marchio


J: Lockport, IL

L: Naperville, IL

What Inspires You?

J: My team. Creating a great place for them to work and grow as people and professionals fills my tank.  Seeing them thrive, learn and achieve wins is exceptionally rewarding.

L: Beautiful Vegetables

Woman You're Inspired By? 

J: I am so lucky to work with amazing women that inspire me every day.  I have the best wing-lady in the business, Executive Chef Lena Ciardullo.  Our AGM Lauren Blanco is a constant source of positive energy and keeps me going when I think I can’t go anymore.  Amanda Kehr, our Sales Director is the support every woman needs, reminding me that I’m a person that needs to take care of myself (our collective skincare and fashion guru).  My best friend Mary – she has 2 amazing children and always looks flawless and has it together.  I have no idea how she does it.

L: Partner in crime, Jessica Weiss.  Also my mom who taught me everything I know about tough love.

Personal Style? 

J: Classic, understated

L: Understated, casual.

Secret Hobby?  

J: Knitting

L: Watching old movies

What motivates you when you need an extra push? 

J: Falling flat on my face.  When I fail it really drives to me to work harder and go for the win.

L: Setting an example for my employees and my son as a woman in a position of power.

How do you and your partner balance each other?  

J: Our strengths are different, which means we support each other exceptionally well when the other is struggling.  We help level the other out when needed.

L: We are both very passionate, luckily it is about different things.

What’s something you wish people knew about you? 

J: I really dislike making decisions when I’m out of work.  Please don’t make me pick where we go to eat.

L: My age- Im 34 and proud- but people tend to guess either much older or younger for some reason.

How do you feel in Tanya Taylor?  

J: So fun! I like all the colors and fun textures all the styles have. 

L: Fancy but comfy.